Kevin Burt & Big Medicine - “Thank You Brother Bill: A Tribute to Bill Withers” - CD


Release Date: January 5, 2023

Recorded at The Sound Box Recording Studio, Cedar Rapids, IA
Engineers: Richard Shultz, Jon Limmer
Assistant Engineers: Daren Barker, Antonio Chalmers, Isaiah Holtz

Kevin Burt - Guitar, Harmonica, Lead Vocals
Scot Sutherland - Bass
Ken Valdez - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Eric Douglas - Drums/Percussion

Who is He (and What is He to You)?
Kissing My Love
World Keeps Going Round and Round
Just the Two of Us
I’m Her Daddy
Ain’t No Sunshine
Lean On Me
Let Us Love
Another Day To Run
Grandma’s Hands
The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
Hope She’ll Be Happier
Thank You Brother Bill - written by Kevin Burt

It’s not easy for me to explain the impact that music has had on my person. It’s not easy for me to single out one artist that has influenced how I think about stories and song with the exception of Bill Withers. Listening to Bill Withers tell a story or sing a song for me is one and the same. It instantly attaches itself to my soul. Mr. Withers told me in a roughly two-hour conversation we had many things that (pardon the pun) lean on today. One of those nuggets of insight was to “tell the stories that make me feel most vulnerable, that’s what people connect with”. His story relates to my story. His songs relate to different points in time in my life, like no other as an artist, I hope to someday have an impact on, someone else’s world, the way Mr. Withers has had an impact on mine. I hope that you enjoy the stories songs as much as I have over the years. These are some of my favorites not just because of the words or the story, but because of their attachment to my own personal story, I hope that I did the songs justice big love, Brother Bill Withers, and big love to you all. -- Kevin Burt