Lara Price - "Half & Half" CD Pre-Order


Lara Price - "Half & Half" CD Pre-Order
Release Date: June 21, 2024

Mike Zito, president of Gulf Coast Records, announces the signing of powerhouse blues and soul singer Lara Price and the upcoming June 21st release of her label debut album, Half & Half, on both CD and vinyl formats, with digital pre-orders starting on May 3rd.

Now based in Austin, Texas, Lara Price recorded the album partly in Texas and partly in the San Francisco Bay Area, hence its title. “Half & Half was a way for me to honor the San Francisco Bay Area music family, because without them I wouldn’t be able to keep up in this Austin music scene,” said Lara Price. “The other ‘half’ is a representation of what I have learned so far, as I have soaked up eight years- worth of Austin music. I feel like I am JUST scratching the service as to what the Austin music scene is about and I look forward to putting that experience on my next album. Technically, the album was recorded 60% in Texas 40% in California with 22 musicians and three studios in two states,” she added about the recording sessions. 

“Lara Price has been a fantastic artist for years,” said Mike Zito in announcing her signing. “She’s so deserving of a national audience. Her voice is soulful and righteous and I expect our fans to fall in love with her.”

“I don’t think words can express how excited I am to be joining the GCR family,” stated Lara Price. “The caliber of musicianship on this label is humbling, and I look forward to rising to the level. Thank you, GRC for the much needed wind in my sails. See you at the gig!”

Half & Half Track Listing and Credits
Recorded and/or Mixed: 601 Studio / Austin, Texas - Mike Ingber, Eric Harrison; King Electric Studios / Austin, Texas - Rocky Moon (recorded); Greaseland Music Creation House - Kid Andersen (recorded, mixed) DM2 Audio - Dave Bauer - Mix
Producer: Kid Andersen & Lara Price
Producers - "The Way Love Goes": Mike Ingber, Eric Harrison, Lara Price

Song Titles
We’re Still Friends - Mike Schermer, Felice Garcia
Evidence - George Jackson, Raymond Moore
Fools Like Me - Jack Clement, Peewee Maddux
Things Ain’t Everything - Mike Schermer, Marcia Ball
Rain - Lara Price, David Jimenez
Days Ago - Lara Price, David Jimenez
Solitude - Duke Ellington, Eddie DeLange, Irving Mills
The Way Love Goes - Lara Price, Eric Harrison, Mike Ingber
Trouble, Heartache, Sadness - Ann Peebles, Don Bryant
Heart On A String - George Jackson, Mickey Buckins

Musician Credits
Drums & Percussion: Clint Simmons (2,4,5,6); Randy Hayes (1,3,9,10); Mike Ingber (8);
Kid Andersen (1,6)
Bass: Nick Jay (2,4,5,6); Endre Tarczy (1,3,9,10); Eric Harrison (8); Kid Andersen (6)
Keys: Trevor Nealon (2,4,5,6); Baxter Robertson (1,3,9,10); Kid Andersen (5); Mike Inber (8)
Guitar: Mike Zito (1) Featured Artist; David Jimenez (2,4,5,6); Chris Tondre (2,4,5,8); Mighty Mike Schermer (1,3,9,10); Matt Burger (7); Mike Ingber (8)
Sax: Dr. Matthew Maldonado (2,4)
Back-Up Vocals: Sweet Nectar: Sue McCracklin, Maureen Smith (1,2,4,9,10); Lara Price (8); Lisa Leuschner (1,2,4,9,10)
Kitty Purrr: Jaime Lee Curtis Salgado (5)